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Writing is everywhere

It's the backbone of everything! It shapes everything from videos and newsletters to social media, workplace communication, and software documentation.

Writing is a skill that anyone can learn. It's not just about writing articles; it's about communicating your thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively.

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Want to start but struggle with these questions?

If you're one of those developers who want to start writing but struggle with questions like these, you're in the right place.

This guide answers all these questions and more!

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The answer

The technical writing course

This course will help you to finally start producing technical content. Moreover, it'll teach you techniques to do it effectively and consistently.

Get familiar with technical writing.
Start by learning the basics of technical writing required to effectively communicate complex information in a clear, concise, and accessible manner.
Choose your medium and platform.
You will then learn how to make an informed decision about what medium and platform to choose for your technical content.
Begin the journey.
Start your technical writing journey by applying everything you learnt in this course.
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What does this course teach

Basics of technical writing
Learn how to structure your writing effectively, use appropriate language and tone, and incorporate visuals to enhance your message.
Benefits of writing
Learn about the numerous benefits of technical writing, which include improving your ability to convey complex information clearly and increasing your value in the tech industry.
Where to publish
Discover the various platforms and mediums where you can publish your content.
Generate unlimited content ideas
Get familiar with various techniques for generating content ideas.
Mistakes to avoid
Delve into common writing errors and learn strategies to avoid them to ensure your writing is clear, engaging, and effective.
Move beyond writing
Learn how to adapt your written content into engaging scripts for YouTube videos or even online courses.
Build your reputation
Establish a strong reputation by publishing your content on high-quality, high-authority platforms and gain exposure and credibility.
How to earn money
This course shows various ways to monetize your writing, such as freelance writing, blogging, authoring courses and creating content for other platforms.
A picture of Catalin Pit, the course author

Hey there, I'm Catalin!

I started writing online long before I knew what technical writing was. Software development and technical writing were unknown to me at that time.

My technical writing journey started in 2019, at the end of my Computer Science degree. Recognizing the need to stand out from the crowd in job applications, I decided to combine my passion for writing with software development.

Over the past 5 years, I've consistently published articles on my website,, and contributed to well-known publications such as FreeCodeCamp, SitePoint, Better Programming and Daily Dev.

This course encapsulates everything I've learned over the past 5 years. I'm confident it will help you start and maintain consistency in technical writing.

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Don't get this course if you:

  • Expect to find mind-blowing secrets about writing
  • Want to get results without doing work
  • Want results overnight
  • Expect it to change your life
  • Can't afford it
  • Think it'll help you get rich through writing
  • Hoard courses without putting in the work
  • Don't like reading (this is a text-based course)


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